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“Outskirts of Heaven” by Craig Campbell, A Beautiful Picture


Nowadays, it is no longer popular to sing openly about your faith in modern country music. Hank Williams, the Louvin Brothers, Vince Gill, and even Carrie Underwood, all made thematic praise to Jesus songs. Nevertheless, let us separate Craig Campbell from cherry-picking who has never been particularly concerned about toning down his modern country twang or beliefs. This is evident in a Craig Campbell single, “Outskirts of Heaven”, with an extensive, nineties-style resonance. In this song, he sings of what he knows and what he believes in. The lines in the chorus prove it,

Lord, when I die, I wanna live

On the outskirts of heaven.

"Outskirts of Heaven" by Craig Campbell, A Beautiful Picture 1

“Outskirts of Heaven”, Song Facts

The idea that led to “Outskirts of Heaven” started when Campbell was lying in bed one night thinking about heaven. As a child, he was told that heaven is all pearly gates and golden streets. In short, a huge city. And, it hit him that that is the total opposite of where he grew up. He thought that writing the song serves as his request to the Lord that when he gets to heaven, he wants to live on the outskirts. Ultimately, he asks the Lord to set aside a few acres on the outside of town for him.

Almost all the phrases in the song will remind you of a part of your past. It is attractively written, inspirational, and the kind of music you would want to hear repeatedly. There is nothing not to like about this song. It talks much of the reality, as it starts with lyrics,

My grandpa taught me about buck knives and shotguns,

How to cast an old Zebco, how to work a stick shift.

The best song are the ones that tell a story. Moreover, adding it to a real country melody, together with words like “bible”, “disciples”, and “heaven”, you have it all. You have a country song that harks back to what country music used to be.

Children-Inspired Song

The most authentic foundation Craig Campbell could think of as his inspiration on “Outskirts Of Heaven” are children. The song sells the idea that children respond delicately ranging from traditional gold streets and pearly gates to being able to jump on clouds and do cannonballs in the sky. What a wonderful sight that is.

Watch the sweet, pure, and heartwarming video of “Outskirts of Heaven”.

Do you also want to be on the outskirts of heaven? We know how much you adore our Creator. Listen to more heartwarming gospel songs by visiting our website on Country Thang Daily.



Craig Campbell, outskirts of heaven

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