June 8

Whiskey-Fueled Song, “Shoot Me Straight” by Brothers Osborne

Originally a six-minute song, “Shoot Me Straight” was cut nearly in half for Brothers Osborne television appearance. Even if they did that, the song never missed any of its proposed blow. If anything, the more shortened version hit was even rigid than normal with John Osborne’s guitar solo. Whatever length it is, the song is a must-listen-to, mainly because of its intensive and fiery content. As its title infers, it shoots straight to everything it wants to say without any prompt needed. 

John and TJ Osborne penned “Shoot Me Straight” with Lee Thomas Miller. It reached the Top 40 of the country charts.

Whiskey-Fueled Song, "Shoot Me Straight" by Brothers Osborne 1

Off  The Album, Port Saint Joe

“Shoot Me Straight” is the lead single from the Brothers Osborne’s second album Port Saint Joe, which was released on April 20th. This is as much as fired with whiskey with their previous song. But, this one speaks about asking a girl to drop him fast and hard. They penned it for a few years before starting to work on the album. Their Port Saint Joe record was recorded in, of course, Port Saint Joe, a coastal Florida town. The two stayed up in a beach house there for a couple of weeks, where they played music. Making the experience all worth it, they cleaned sand out of their equipments for weeks before they could even start. They recorded the song live, leaving all of the mistakes. They ended with ten nice and raw songs. Moreover, they played and recorded the songs live in front of a group of friends who came down to Port Saint Joe to hang out. The duo describe the experience saying,

“It’s just a live moment that was captured in time and you can’t really recreate that.”

The Lead, “Shoot Me Straight”

“Shoot Me Straight” started as a ballad. TJ Osborne thought the song was good, but not anything new to the ears or notable. Still, they decided to lead with this song, knowing it was different, and trusting their guts. They vied for change. Seating amidst a growing room, brothers TJ and John ripped through this great acoustic rendition. TJ’s loud voice banged and John’s fingers flew through a potent guitar solo, yet the song succeeded to uphold a certain relaxed style.

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Brothers Osborne, Shoot Me Straight

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