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An Inspiring Cover of “I Can Only Imagine” by One Voice Children’s Choir

“I Can Only Imagine” brings healing. It gives hope to those who grieve and experience desolation in life. The words and lyrics are powerful enough to change your perception towards life. With the guidance of the highest almighty, God, surely you’ll have inner peace and bliss. With this, be inspired, motivated, and uplift your spirits through the voices of these children One Voice Children’s Choir.

Posted by One Voice Children's Choir on Wednesday, March 14, 2018

One Voice Children’s Choir is a group of young talented people. They are a combination of amazing children with different perception, personalities, and behaviors. Nevertheless, they have one goal, a goal to bring us closer to God. They use their angelic voices to unite us and spread the message of God.

I Can Only Imagine…

Bart Millard, the vocalist of Mercy Me Band, wrote the words and lyrics of “I Can Only Imagine.” His inspiration for writing the song was his father’s death. Also, the feeling of what would be like to be in heaven and standing before God. The inspiration is genuinely compelling and that’s the reason why the song is tear-jerking.


When Bart Millard was 18 years old, he lost his father, Arthur Wesley Millard Jr. After the devastating incident, he began writing the song. He wrote every line when he was thinking of his father. In 1999, his band was recording an independent album “The Worship Project.” However, the group needed one more song to fill out the album. So, in the middle of the night, alone in the bus, Bart Millard finally wrote the lyrics by drawing his thoughts and personal faith about what would be the experience of standing before God in Heaven. In ten minutes, he was able to finish the song.

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