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The Miraculous “When You Believe” Cover of One Voice Children’s Choir

Indeed, there can be miracles “When You Believe.” It is the genuine message of the song, to believe and have faith. When you have these lingering inside you, definitely, God will never disappoint you. He will give whatever your heart desires. To strengthen your faith and make you believe in miracles, listen to one of the best covers of Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey’s original. Let One Voice Children’s Choir help you through their beautiful and overwhelming rendition of “When You Believe.”

Well it happened. One Voice Children's Choir made it to France after over a year of preparations. It was memorable,…

Posted by One Voice Children's Choir on Thursday, June 15, 2017

When You Believe

The song depicts the narrators having tough and worrisome situations. With this, they doubt their faith. Despite this, they prayed so many nights to God, but those prayers remained unanswered. Nevertheless, they have to keep and hold on to their faith. In times of difficulties, their faith should stay strong.

Interestingly, the original lyrics go,

“You can do miracles when you believe.”

but the lines imply that the “believer,” not “God” was responsible for performing miracles. So, the lyrics were changed to

“There can be miracles when you believe.”

“When You Believe” is a powerful hymn that teaches us to believe and to have a stronger faith. Also, it gives us hope as long as we have a stern and a genuine belief. We should not doubt ourselves, our faith and trust. God never disappoints us. He showers us with miracles at the right time. Perhaps, not according to what we have planned because God’s plan is the perfect one.

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One Voice Children's Choir, When You Believe

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