“A Child’s Prayer” can strengthen the faith of children. It will make us think if the Heavenly Father always listens to their prayers. Those prayers aren’t just heard but also answered. For the mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and elderlies, let us teach children to believe in God. That God exists and God hears us.

Children are the closest to God’s heart. God has mercy, care, and love for all the children. Whatever they are and wherever they are in the world, God listens to us and answer all our prayers. However big and however small we are, we have a place in God’s heart. Your prayers aren’t lesser, more so greater. They are all the same to God. He never places in order one’s prayers, but he prioritizes them all. He guides us to be stronger persons. He will also make our prayers and wishes come true as we grow older. Yes, God loves all His children.

A Child’s Prayer

A child’s prayer is divine. It is because it has the purest and sincerest content. It is a prayer of love, family, and happiness in the world. Moreover, when a child prays, he only prays for simple, colorful, and happy things. He prays for the safety of his dad, for his mom to be happy. Also, he prays for his brother or sister to be kind. Those simple prayers are what we hear when we see our children pray. Nevertheless, it pricks our hearts.

Listen to One Voice Children’s Choir as they outpour their souls to the song. Their voices are truly angelic, and you’d be like listening to angels singing from up above.

We learn from our children. Their innocence makes us a whole different person again. Therefore, let us teach our children to pray. Let us teach them that whatever they desire in life, it will come true through prayers. Prayers will guide them as they grow older and prayers will bring them closer to God.

Above all, “A Child’s Prayer” is hope.