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“I’m One of You:” Hank Williams Jr. Reminds Us that We are Not Alone

“I’m One of You:” Hank Williams Jr. Reminds Us that We are Not Alone 1
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There are about 7 billion people on this planet, therefore, there are 7 billion different stories to be heard. However, there are experiences in our lives that do not differ from one another. No matter how many people there are on this planet we somehow share the same stories and experiences, what only makes it different from one another is the way we handle things.

About “I’m One of You”

Hank Williams Jr.‘s song “I’m One of You” describes a man who wants everyone to know that we are not alone. The narrator wants the world to know that we also share the same experiences in our life. He tells the story of his life when he was a kid, and how he grew being disciplined by his parents if he does something wrong. If you carefully listen to Hank Williams’ song, you’ll realize that the narrator wants to comfort the listeners and tell them that they are not alone. When we face our problems, we sometimes think that we are alone but with this song, we will realize that we are not alone, and everyone goes through what we are going through in life.

Hank Williams Jr.’s Album

“I’m One of You” is a country song recorded by Hank Williams Jr. for his same-titled album in 2003. Neal Coty and Jimmy Melton wrote the song for Hank Williams’ album. The song entered the US Billboard Country Songs chart at No. 39. The album was able to secure a spot on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart at No. 24. In addition, the album entered the Billboard 200 at No. 166. In his album, Williams recorded Jerry Reed’s song “Amos Moses,” and Joe South’s “Games People Play.” Three of his songs in this album entered the Billboard chart. “I’m One of You,” “Why Can’t We All Just Get a Longneck?” and “Devil in the Bottle.”

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Hank Williams Jr., i'm one of you

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