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One of Randy Travis’ Underrated Gospel Songs, “When Mama Prayed”

We often underestimate the power of prayer. We think that praying wouldn’t solve anything, but the truth is, prayer is important. It is our way of communicating with God. It’s our sacred moment or time with Him. God listens to us. He doesn’t answer right away, but if you take the time to listen to what God is trying to say that is his answer to our prayers. Everything we ask doesn’t happen instantly; it takes time. However, most of us get so tired of waiting so we give up on God. We must remember that patience is a habit we must learn to cultivate, especially when waiting for God’s answer to our prayers. Randy Travis shows in his song “When Mama Prayed” how powerful prayers can really be.

When Mama Prayed Randy Travis
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The Album Rise and Shine

In 2002, Randy Travis released his album Rise and Shine. It contains fifteen gospel songs, including his number one hit single “Three Wooden Crosses.” In addition, his album entered three charts in the US Billboard. First, it peaked at number one on the Top Christian Albums. Second, it reached number eight on the Top Country Albums chart. And last, “Rise and Shine” secured the seventy-third spot on the Billboard 200 chart. His album went on top of the chart. Furthermore, two more singles from his album entered the chart. In this sense, however, we are not going to know what two of his songs entered the chart. Instead, let’s take a look on one of his underrated tracks on this album.

“When Mama Prayed,” An Underrated Song

“When Mama Prayed” is a song written by Paul Overstreet and Rory Lee Feek. It wasn’t released by Randy as a single. Therefore, there was no commercial success. However, despite not getting the spotlight it deserves “When Mama Prayed” is a powerful gospel song.

The Content of the Song

The song showcases the power of prayer. The narrator of the song first experienced the power of prayer when his father said he would never pray or go to church. But, he watched his mother talk to God patiently every day. And, one day it did happen. The second time he experienced the power of prayer was when he heard his mother pray for him to change and become a better person. And, slowly his mother’s prayed did happen.

You see folks when you pray it doesn’t happen instantly it usually takes time. Therefore, don’t be discouraged for God is listening, He’s just waiting for the right moment to answer you.


Randy Travis, Rise and Shine, When Mama Prayed

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