March 22, 2018

Our “One Friend” Worth Remembering: Dan Seals

Our “One Friend” Worth Remembering: Dan Seals 1

If there is a country artist with soulful style at singing and with soft tenor voice, then that is no other than Dan Seals. He can pierce our hearts with so many emotions through his choice of music. Just like his songs “I Will Be There,” “Good Times,” and “One Friend.”

Dan Seals was considered to be one of the most successful singers in 80’s and 90’s. Sadly, Seals has retired, he’s up above strumming his guitar. Nevertheless, we can reminisce his melodies and flashback his memories through listening to his music and reading his life story.

Dan Wayland Seals…

Seals was born into a musical family in Pleasant Grove, west Texas. His father played with the country singer Ernest Tubb. Moreover, Seals had two older brothers, Jim and Eddie, who were also musicians. Eddie played with the country singer-songwriter Jim Reeves and would enjoy a taste of success as part of the Champs.

After his parents divorced, when he was 10, Seals moved with his mother to Dallas. Here, he formed several high-school bands. He, then, joined Led Zeppelin and signed with the Memphis soul label Stax/Volt.

Moreover, with his fellow band member John Coley, Seals formed England Dan & John Ford Coley in 1969. The duo decided to pursue a softer sound than their bandmates. With this, Seals had been given the nickname England Dan. This is because he loved the Beatles so much.

His Humble Beginnings…

The duo went on to enjoy several US Top 10 hits, but by the 1980s, their tastes changed. They realized that their soft rock would not appeal to the MTV generation. Unfortunately, the pair split.

Seals released a solo album, but it flopped. His house, van, and bank accounts were seized because his management didn’t pay the taxes.

As A Solo Artist…

Signing to Capitol, Seals shifted to Nashville and began to record as Dan Seals. He initially struggled, but his voice and sentimental manner suited Nashville at a time when country music began to soften its rural styling. Seals started scoring hits on the country music charts in 1984.

A 1985 duet with Marie Osmond “Meet Me in Montana” reached No.1 on the country charts. Seals added more of 8 chart-topper songs. More hits followed, including his 11th country No.1 with a cover of Sam Cooke’s “Good Times” in 1990.

Just as the pop-rock market had changed radically in the 1980s, so made country music in the 1990s precisely with the arrival of Garth Brooks’ turbo-charged anthems. Seals devoted more of his time to his family and his Baha’i faith. Though he continued to record and tour; he performed at the Baha’i World Congress in 1992.

Throughout the 1980s and into the early 1990s, he released 16 studio albums and charted more than 20 singles on the country charts. Eleven of his singles reached No.1 including “Meet Me in Montana” with Marie Osmond), “Bop,” “Everything That Glitters (Is Not Gold),” “You Still Move Me.” As well as, “I Will Be There,” “Three Time Loser,” “One Friend,” “Addicted,” “Big Wheels in the Moonlight,” “Love on Arrival,” and “Good Times.”

Although Seals was a touring artist in 1990s, he released a few more albums on smaller labels throughout the decade. These were “Fired Up” in 1994 and his final album for Warner Bros.

Also, he signed to Intersound and released “In a Quiet Room” in 1995, comprising acoustic versions of his earlier hits. He then switched to TDC and released “In a Quiet Room II” in 1998, followed by “Make It Home” in 2002.

In the early 2000s, Dan embarked on various tours with his brother Jim, naming themselves as “Seals and Seals.” They performed their successful hits from “Seals & Crofts,” “England Dan & John Ford Coley,” Dan’s hits from his solo career, and a few original songs.

Seals’ Health And Death…

In 2008, Seals completed radiation treatments for mantle cell lymphoma at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville and M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. He underwent a stem cell transplant at NIH in Maryland.

Seals died at the age of 61, on March 25, 2009, at his daughter’s home in Nashville.

His Legacy…

Four years after Seals’ death, Kenny Rogers recorded Seals’ composition, “It’s Gonna Be Easy Now.” The track was featured as the closing number on Rogers’ album “You Can’t Make Old Friends.”

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Dan Seals’ Memories Continues to Live on with His Soft Country Hits


Dan Seals, One Friend

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