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Another “One Day at a Time” with Lynda Randle

Another “One Day at a Time” with Lynda Randle 1
Our Lady, Lynda Randle

In case we’re not aware, she founded “A Woman After God’s Own Heart” in 2008. It’s a two-day conference that offers a spiritual retreat for all women. In it, they draw inspirations from keynote speakers, shared testimonies, and reliefs through various expressions of sacred music and arts.

Lynda aims for her ministry to be cross-cultural. In her bio, she shared that it’s God’s call for her to tear down “the walls between races.” She felt that it’s imperative in our time to have more “bridge-builders” (as she termed it.)

She puts a challenge to all her spectators to be a mediator instead of causing divisions over superficial differences.

Now here’s her rendition of “One Day at a Time”

Our Hymn, “One Day at a Time”

MARIJOHN WILKIN co-wrote the hymn with Kris Kristofferson in the fall of 1973. It’s her prayer turned gospel song. Back then, successive misfortunes dampened her return to Nashville. Her business partner and mom died, and there has been a huge mismanagement of her company, Buckhorn Music Publishers. In need of help, she called a pastor for counseling. His advice shocked her a bit. She’s told to be thankful for her troubles. This way, she learned to recognize God’s role in handling her concerns.

Marilyn Sellars did the first recording. Upon release, “One Day at a Time” hit both the country and pop charts. Throughout the music history, the hymn brought numerous recognitions and awards to its singers. Collectively, about 500 artists recorded the said hymn.

To mention a few, we have the following:

1975 Gospel Music Association’s Dove Award
 1977 Irish singer Gloria Smyth’s recording peaked from no. 5 to no. 1.
1977 English pop singer Marie Gibson’s recording hit #1 in South Africa


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