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“One of the Boys” Has Once Proven Gretchen Wilson’s Point

"One of the Boys" Has Once Proven Gretchen Wilson's Point 1
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Gretchen Wilson, best known for her Grammy Award-winning hit, Redneck Woman,” has once again proven that her unique style could lead her somewhere. Following the success of her signature song was the album known as One of the Boys. Released on May 15, 2007, the record topped the country albums chart on June 5 of that year. That was exactly 11 years ago today. To honor this milestone in Wilson’s career and in the history of country music, let’s have a brief look back at the album that speaks much about her.

Gretchen Wilson in One of the Boys

‘The Redneck Woman’ who hails from Pocahontas Illinois, had a simple claim to fame. That is being true to her roots. With that, she embarked on producing a hellfire brand of country music. Many of her fans worldwide came to love her more with that. Admitting that she’s different from the “Barbie doll types” that most women in country music were, Wilson paid attention to who she really is. Hence, many songs recorded on her One of the Boys album embodied her personality.

“The Girl I Am” which is the album’s opening track completely fits Wilson’s style. The song compellingly asserts her position with hardened authority. On the other hand, “You Don’t Have to Go Home” shows that she can live without the modern comforts and conveniences of her home. Likewise, her song, “There’s a Place in the Whisky” proves she’s a party girl. However, Wilson’s singles are not all that daring. There are also songs that confirm she’s more than just “One of the Boys” and as well wishes to be treated as a lady.  Her more laidback and contemplative tracks such as “Heaven Help Me” and “Come to Bed” are determinants of her soft spot. The singer also exhibited a comical aspect of her with amusing songs, namely “If You Want A Mother” and “There Goes the Neighborhood.”

Without a doubt, Gretchen Wilson is a significant figure in country music. Delivering a record of this type and quality, she would easily win new supporters from the mainstream who find resonance with her styles.

Below is Wilson’s performance of one of the album ‘s tracks entitled “Come to Bed.”

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