With recent updates on hurricane Dorian, we Christians need to take a good look at what these hurricanes and fires mean to us.

hurricanes and fires

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In the past few weeks, we have all hear about the tragic fires in the Amazon forest and the pathetic attempts of Brazil’s president in tackling this, along with that are the fires also happening in a large part of the Congo and Angola in Africa. As if that wasn’t enough now we have this monster hurricane devastating the Bahamas and threatening our country.

hurricanes and fire

Satellite image, obtained from NOAA/RAMMB, of hurricane Dorian approaching the Bahamas. From AFP/Getty Images

If we didn’t know any better, we may think this is the end of the world. It is literally going up in flames and flooding at the same time. We may think, “This is insane!” and it is.

Disasters are never a good thing and something we would like to avoid. Images of the destruction hurricanes and fires bring are often shared on TV or on the internet. We know how horrible they can be thanks to these images; however, there are also the others who have experienced it first hand.

Regardless of how we know about these disasters, one thing is for sure; when we see people suffer we grieve for them and pray it never happens to us. When all these are over, we pray more, we contribute, we help, and sympathize as we hope that we wouldn’t have to experience the same thing.

Hurricanes and Fires, God’s Reminder of a Promise

Despite the fear these disasters bring up and the grief it causes us, we need to remember it isn’t the end of the world for us. In the Bible, Peter reminds us that God will come to judge the wicked.

Hurricanes and Fires

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He already did this once and sent his judgment with a flood, and when He comes again it will be with fire. God though doesn’t want us to see these disasters as just things to fear. Instead, as a way to repent. This is evident in 2 Peter 3:9

“. . . Not wanting any to perish, but all to come to repentance”

Hurricanes and fires serve as a reminder to all of us, especially to those who are lost to return to Him. He wants us to remain by His side because He who created the world and us wants only to save us from ultimate destruction.

hurricanes and fires

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Pray for the people affected by the disasters happening right now, pray for the fires, pray for the hurricane. Most of all pray for everybody that they get out of this stronger.

Reflect on these disasters and ponder on God’s way as we listen to “God Moves In a Mysterious Way:”