October 17

Don’t be Tricked by the Pony “On a Night Like This”

There’s a lot of talented artists who want to rule the Music Industry but only a few have rare talents, and not everyone can survive the fierce competition. Thus, being an artist is a big responsibility. It is not just creating a good song but leaving a legacy for an artist to be remembered.

Trick Pony is one of the artists that has been around for quite some time. Further, their songs are being loved because of its beat and honoring the real country music.

“Trick by a Pony”

“Trick Pony” is an American group composed of three members, Heidi Newfield, Keith Burns, and Ira Dean. Further, the group was formed in 1996 and was able to release songs hit after hit. In 2001, the group became the new talk of the town due to its fresh music that they cater to the table. In addition, the group released three studio albums and eight singles that reached the Billboard Hot Country Songs. Wow! Don’t be tricked by the ponies. Their name might be cute, but Trick Pony has a passion for music that helped them rise to the top.

Anyway, the edge of the group is that all of them can sing and play instruments. Thus, Keith Burns and Ira Dean had experience backing big names in the Country Music Industry such as Joe Diffie and Tanya Tucker. Upon completing the gang, the trio began touring in the Southern United States. Well, Trick Pony’s hard work paid off when they won “Artist of the Year” from the Country Music Association.

“Trick Pony Song”

“On a Night Like This” was released in 2001 and it was written by Dough Kahan and Karen Staley. Due to the new music being brought by Trick Pony, their single dropped at no. 4 in the Billboard Hot Country Singles and Tracks. The single had a good start because it also entered the Billboard Hot 100 and dropped at no. 47. Anyhow, this only shows that their music had positive feedback to the public.


Legend Country Groups cannot be replaced, but it’s nice to see other artists gaining their spot in the Music Industry. Lastly, it’s hard to stay in the limelight of the industry especially if there’s a lot of competitors. The only key to remaining on the throne is to lay different and good music that the public can relate on. Thus, Trick Pony is already doing quite well since they started the industry, I hope that the group will give us more chart-topping songs which we can relate to.

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Dough Kahan, Karen Staley, On a Night Like This, Trick Pony

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