October 29

Don Williams’ “Old Coyote Town:” Time Passes by but Old Memories Remain


Perhaps, good things never last. We never stay young. We grow, change, and we move to places. Some will remain, and some will go different ways. Indeed, things will alter no matter how we try to stop them. Just because that’s how life goes and only because we can’t fight time. It saddens us because we can no longer enjoy the experience and things we used to love. Nevertheless, the scars, the laughers, and the memories remain. “Old Coyote Town” depicts those old memories that never fade away.

Don Williams again provided us another cry a river song. A song that flashes back the memories of yesterday. The yesterday that once made us who we are. “Old Coyote Town” is a song flipping back the pages of our pasts. It gives a glimpse of what happened when we were young, when were innocent, and when we were just people loving the good old days. Rightly, the song has a soul.

Old Coyote Town

“Old Coyote Town” is another one of a kind country song. A song with a story to tell and to ponder on, too. For those people out there reminiscing their past, perhaps, their childhood, or the place they grew up in. The song suits you. It gives you back your old memories.

Furthermore, Don Williams released “Old Coyote Town” on January 17, 1989. It has been 29 years since then. But then again, time passes by but never the memories.

Larry Boone along with Paul Nelson and Gene Nelson wrote the words and lyrics of “Old Coyote Town.” The song peaked at number five spot on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

Don Williams is singing and strumming his guitar somewhere in the clouds. We might be unable to feel his existence, but we can feel his presence through his work of arts. “Old Coyote town” is one of those songs he left for us to remember his memories and legacy.

Yes, Don Williams deserved to be called “The Gentle Giant” of Country Music. His “giant” physique captures the eyes of the audience. But most of all, his “gentle” voice captivated the hearts and souls of the world. Above all, he’s one of a kind.


don williams, Old Coyote Town

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