April 12

“Old Time Religion”: A Joyful Noise at Johnny Cash’s Show

"Old Time Religion": A Joyful Noise at Johnny Cash's Show 1

If you’ve been a regular viewer of The Johnny Cash Show, you probably had much of the joys offered by its great host and the amazing cast. With every episode filled with high-end entertainment, you’ll never regret tuning in to it.  The “man in black” never really runs out of energy in giving fun and inspiration to the audience through his timeless music. In this episode of the series, Johnny Cash, together with the show’s regular members and special guests, sang a traditional gospel song. Staying true to his belief that country music story wouldn’t be complete without sacred music, Cash incorporated many of the famous gospels songs in his show. “Give Me That Old Time Religion” is just one of them. At the opening of the program, Cash warmly welcomes the audience with an exciting statement.

“Welcome to what I think will be a happy experience for all because tonight The Johnny Cash Show makes a joyful noise.”

If you haven’t watched this episode yet, you better take the chance. Experience that joyful noise, yourself, from the clip below.


The Traditional Gospel Song

“Give Me That Old Time Religion” or simply “Old Time Religion.” Included in a list of Jubilee songs, “Old Time Religion” dates back to the 18th century. Although, some experts claimed that the song may probably be around at an earlier period. They made reference to its tune as hinting similarity with English folk origins. Furthermore, the literature says Tillman first heard the song sung before he penned it. Thus, this supports the scholars’ statement that the song, or its tune, has been in existence prior to 1873. The African-Americans first sang it.

Apparently, the lyrics didn’t mention anything about Jesus or the gospel. However, it became a standard tune in many Protestant hymnals. By and large, Tillman was responsible for introducing the song to the collections of white audiences. Doing so made an immense influence on the union of black spiritual and white gospel song traditions. This confluence resulted in the formation of the genre now known as southern gospel.

"Old Time Religion": A Joyful Noise at Johnny Cash's Show 2

Charles D. Tillman/Georgiaencyclopedia.org

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