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Keep it “Country” By The Rising Star Old Soul Mo Pitney

Keep it “Country” By The Rising Star Old Soul Mo Pitney 1

Old Soul Mo Pitney is one of the rising stars in country music. Indeed, he keeps his music and lifestyle country. The new artist has already received positive feedback from the audience. In fact, his last performance at the Grand Ole Opry was wonderful, he even received a standing ovation. The skyrocketing star is one of the new artists that define music as plain country. It merely shows on the songs that he creates and the tone of his voice. Real country what seems to be his definition.

The Song…

Billy Dukes of Taste of Country reviewed the single positively, saying that

“Mo isn’t making a statement, and he’s not the sign of some traditional country revolution in 2015. But he’s a reminder of how good a simple country song sung by a man who believes in God and George Strait can feel.”

In addition, Johnny Nevin of Huffington Post also reviewed Pitney’s music favorably, saying that

“Mo Pitney knows a couple of really important things about being Country, real Country. One of them is that he knows who he is, and that’s always going to be important, because it’s the only way anyone can keep becoming the person they really want to be. Just as important though, it seems like Mo Pitney never forgets about everybody else, and how important they are too.”

On the other hand, the song was released in December 2014 through Curb Records which received great appreciation from the country music enthusiasts. Also, he co-wrote the song with Bill Anderson and Bobby Tomberlin. Moreover, the song is part of his album “Behind This Guitar”. And the song has been viewed a lot on YouTube.

“Country” is a storytelling of a simple life embracing country. The track also demonstrates that wherever you are in the globe, country is alive. There is no particular place of the country, it’s simply within you. Additionally, his song “Country” depicts how truly country he is. It will describe the profound definition of country.

The Lyrics…

Have you ever picked guitar on your front porch
In the morning as the sun was risin’?
Or followed your dog down to the river
And ran into an ole’ baptizin’?
Do you think to pull off on the side of the road
When that big black hearse is passing?
Have you ever helped someone in need
Without them even asking?
We do that in the country,
Let me tell you ’bout country

Country can be in the middle of a city
Can be on a farm,
Country ain’t even a place on the map,
It’s a place in your heart

Would you ever hitched a ride to Music City
Just to see an Opry show?
Would you drive across the country
Just to listen to some country?

Country can be in the middle of a city
Can be on a farm,
Country ain’t even a place on the map,
It’s a place in your heart.

Have you ever been there at the courthouse square
For the parade on the ‘Fourth of July’?
With a tear on your face and a lump in your throat
As you watch ole’ glory go by,
Or sat thru a service where they played tabs
For a soldier who never came home?
Or looked in the sad brown eyes of his momma
As she touched his name on that stone?
He fought for his country
And died for his country
Yeah I love my country

Let me tell you ’bout, country.

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