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Old Soul Mo Pitney, A New Guy In Town But The Rising Star To Watch Out



Old Soul Mo Pitney, A New Guy In Town But The Rising Star To Watch Out 1

Speaking about a fresh artist with an old soul then definitely it’s “Mo Pitney”. He is now a rising star with songs that define purely faith, family, and patriotism. Pitney is a promising, young, and a lucid narrator who plays country music.

However, he admitted that he listens to other different artists and writers but within him, he is damn country. His music education actually inclined to Bluegrass (A form of American roots music, and a related genre of country music.).


Pitney is a 24-year-old and a native of Cherry Valley, Illinois. His name is originally “Morgan Daniel Pitney” and was born on March 24, 1993. Pitney began playing drums at the age of 6 and guitar at 12. He learned how to play banjo, too. He originally played with his brother and a friend in a band plainly of Bluegrass Country songs.

When he moved to Nashville, Tennessee, he signed a contract to Curb Records and currently working with the producer Tony Brown.

Old Soul Mo Pitney, A New Guy In Town But The Rising Star To Watch Out 2


In December 2014, Pitney releases his very first anthem “Country”. The song received positive feedback from the country music enthusiasts. It is also Pitney’s facade to the heart of the listeners. In addition, Pitney performed at Grand Ole Opry where he received a standing ovation. On the stage, he showcased his talent and love to the country music. It has opened doors to more followers, listeners.

Furthermore, his second single “Boy & a Girl Thing” released on August 31, 2015, reached #50 on Hot Country Songs in October 2016. His debut album “Behind This Guitar”, released on October 7, 2016, peaked at No. 10 on Billboard’s Top Country Albums in its first week.

Pitney is now being embraced by the people around the world, especially country music paramours. It shows on the feed-backs on the news, radio, print, and television. Bunch of watchers, nowadays, subscribed on YouTube just to listen to his songs. Not to mention, most of his YouTube videos have started to skyrocket.

Personal Life…

In 2016, Pitney married Emily Bankester in a church in Carbondale, Ill, the hometown of Bankester. The two met while performing at a bluegrass festival but it didn’t turn out well. They part ways but reunited after two years. Both realized wanted to be more than friends. Now they are happily married and have a beautiful angel named Evelyne Nadine.

Might wanna listen to Mo Pitney’s songs.

Here are the lists of Pitney’s tracks:


Boy And & A Girl Thing


Come Do A Little Life

Give Me Jesus

Clean Up On Aisle Five

It’s Just A Dog

Behind This Guitar

I met Merle Haggard Today



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