December 4

Who Else Still Love the Old Fashioned Way?

“I Guess I’m Just a Little Old Fashioned” was written by Mr. Albert Brumley and was published in 1938.

He was a music teacher, a recording artist, and a staff writer for the Hartford and Stamps/Baxter publishing companies which he later bought. Additionally. he wrote over 800 Gospels, including that well known classic, “I’ll Fly Away” and non-gospel songs in his lifetime. Not surprisingly, he was inducted into the Country Song Writers Hall of Fame in 1970. That’s seven years early before his death in 1977.

Featured gospel tune bemoans the trajectory of people seeking to be hip and trendy in their lifestyle to the detriment of their souls and spiritual needs. They have become consumed in hoarding material wealth that they forgot to invest treasures in heaven; one of which is a godly character. Hence, the first stanza states the significance of the Bible in a believer’s life.

The second stanza is an exhibit of immunity from your critics. Just because it happened a long a time ago, does not mean that the story of Jesus’ cross is irrelevant. He is much needed at present as before. The culmination then is a returning to that ‘old fashioned religion.’ It means the simplicity of the gospel as both a message proclaimed and a messaged lived out.

Not the song’s point, but I get it why older folks are so averse to contemporary Christian music. They are not always against the content of the song, but the trendy and loud music accompaniment which make the words and the singer’s voice becomes inaudible. From their vantage point, songs are to be appreciated in its entirety and not just the melody. They could impart values and life lessons, or they could influence our way of understanding things. Consequently, the singers’ voice and the message they are trying to convey must be clearly heard.

That classic “I Guess I’m Just a Little Old Fashioned” by the Hee Haw Quartet.


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