January 29

Facing “The Old Crossroads” Urges Us to Be Prepared

Facing "The Old Crossroads" Urges Us to Be Prepared 1

On Crossroads

As our life is a journey, time and again, we face crossroads. And those situations are one of the most critical since they challenge our decision-making abilities. Before committing ourselves to something, a lot of things need to be considered first as our choice will later affect our future. Preparation is as well necessary. Being completely prepared prior to engage oneself to something will help a lot in the process. Most importantly, ask for God’s intervention since it’s Him who knows better what’s best for us.

The Old Crossroads

When our journey on earth ended, we will soon face that old crossroads where we are compelled to choose which one to follow. This is, probably, the most difficult and crucial moment as we are to make the definitive decision of our life. There are only two roads to choose from – one leads to the Promised Land and the other to the netherworld. When making a decision, let us be reminded of the line below:

“Ask for the godly way, travel on the sacred path.” – Lailah Gifty Akita

To be spiritually prepared before facing that old crossroads is truthfully important. By allowing God to lead our way, we will end up clinging to his saving hands by the time we face the old crossroads. Indulge your spirit in this uplifting gospel song as we prepare for the old crossroad awaiting us.


The Song and Its Covers

The “Father of Bluegrass” Bill Monroe penned the song and he recorded it in 1947. Monroe’s band The Bluegrass Boys also had a cover of the song released in 1981 (Their rendition was the one used in the above video). Several music artists followed and came up with their own version of the song. One of them was Ricky Skaggs. The country and bluegrass singer collaborated with other artists like the Charlie Daniels Band and Tony Rice, among others for the song’s covers.

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