November 9

“Old Brush Arbors,” A Gospel Song by George Jones

If you had enjoyed listening to George Jones musical odes about love and country music, you will be more pleased to hear him sing gospel. Here is one of his earliest pieces in the 1960’s.  In fact, like most country singers, his first exposure to music was in the church where his mother was a pianist. That was where he first learned how to play guitar. His mentor that time taught him to play a lot of the old hymns. A bit amusing to think how he started and ended singing gospel.

Let “Old Brush Arbors” by George Jones be a blessing to you this week and don’t forget to pass it on! It will surely warm many of our seniors’ hearts, especially those who grew up attending brush arbor meetings.


It began in the late 1700s and continued into the mid-1900s. The idea was credited to a Presbyterian minister by the name of Rev. James McGready. In that era, people living in far and isolated places were very receptive to hearing the preaching of traveling ministers. The lack of formal church buildings where people could gather was no hindrance to the spread of God’s Word. Hence, brush arbor shelters were erected; an open space where anyone is welcome to freely participate in the fellowship of believers and in worshipping God. Some old folks say that jails were few in those days because of those meetings, unlike now.

Old brush arbors by the side of the road
Where the mighty light of God’s great mercy flowed
There was prayin’ shoutin’ singin’
till the country side was ringin’
(lifted from the song)

Can you also imagine the sight of what was described above? I sure would want to be an eyewitness of such glorious spectacle.


George Jones, gospel, honkytonk

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