October 21

Blake Shelton Embodies the True Sound of Country Music in “Ol Red”

A lot of artists mastered the art of covering a song and making us think they were the first to record it. This is exactly what Blake Shelton has done with his recording of the classic country song “Ol’ Red.” He pretty much gave his own spin to it and it appeared as if he was the original singer of the single. This just proves that he is an amazing artist.

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Blake Shelton on his early days as a country singer covered the song “Ol’ Red.” Photo by Jim Wright.

“Ol’ Red” from George Jones to Blake Shelton

“Ol’ Red” was originally recorded in 1990 by the country legend George Jones. The song did not achieve any commercial success like that of Shelton’s, therefore, the song was rarely known to be his in the first place. Even another country legend tried to make a version of this song. In 1993, Kenny Rogers released a copy of this for his album If Only My Heart Had A Voice. But, just like Jones, it was not successful.

It was only in 2001 that the song was able to receive the recognition it truly deserves. This was when Shelton, who was just starting his career as a country singer, recorded the song. It was part of his very first studio album, and just like his album and other singles on the album, the single was able to secure a spot on the country chart. “Ol’ Red” placed at number fourteen on the Billboard Hot Country chart, and it sold a million copies according to RIAA.

Check out why Shelton’s version of the song stood out.

Now we know why Shelton’s song became an instant hit. He embodied the true sound of country music in those days.

Aside from young Shelton’s way of bringing life to a classic song, the song’s lyrics itself will get us hooked to it. The story of a man who was sent to prison for committing a crime because of love (he caught his wife with another man) and him getting out of prison for the same reason, love.

Love got me in here and love got me out

Here are Roger’s and Jones’ versions of the song.



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