February 28

Reba McEntire’s Energetic Version of “Oh Happy Day”

Oh, what a happy day it is indeed when Jesus washed away our sins because without Him, what are we going to do? Jesus’ death led us to eternal life and a beautiful future. We are blessed and cleansed with His power, therefore, let us sing songs that praise the Lord of his goodness.

Reba McEntire praises the Lord as she recorded one of the traditional gospel songs, “Oh Happy Day,” on her 2017 album Sing it Now: Songs of Faith & Hope.

reba mcentire oh happy day
Photo Credit: Reba McEntire/ amazon.com

The Origin of “Oh Happy Day”

“Oh Happy Day” was written by Philip Doddridge in the 18th century. The melody of the song constantly changed. However, in the 20th century, Edwin Hawkins rearranged the song and its melody, and this is what we know now as the tune and words to “Oh Happy Day.”

The song was popularized by the Edwin Hawkins Singers in 1969. Their rendition of the hymn won the Grammy award for Best Soul Gospel Performance in 1970. In addition, RIAA listed the Edwin Hawkins Singers’ version as part of their list of Songs of the Century.

Reba McEntire’s Version

McEntire’s cover of “Oh Happy Day” makes you want to get up from your seat and praise God. Her energetic and funky version of the song perfectly joins together country and gospel style. McEntire surprises us with her effortless yet incredible vocals in her cover of “Oh Happy Day.”

If you haven’t heard McEntire’s version of the song, here it is. You’ll definitely agree that this is one of the best covers of “Oh Happy Day.”

Sing it Now: Songs of Faith & Hope

McEntire’s twenty-eighth studio album Sing it Now: Songs of Faith & Hope reached the top of the Country and Christian Album charts. Furthermore, the album reached number four on the Billboard 200.

Sing it Now: Songs of Faith & Hope was nominated at the GMA Dove Awards and CMA Awards. In 2018, McEntire’s album won the Grammy Award for Best Roots Gospel Album.

The album contains two discs with ten songs on each disc. The first disc features traditional gospel hymns, while disc two is comprised of Reba’s original recordings.


Oh Happy Day, Reba McEntire, Sing It Now: Songs of Faith & Hope

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