December 12

How often Do You Sing “In The Sweet By and By?”

Whether you are depressed, in a foul mood, or simply just in the spirit to sing, have a dose of “In the Sweet By an By.” The joyous melody and the prospect of our grand reunion with the Father will perk you up. Here, sing along with one of our favorite country and gospel singer, Ms. Loretta Lynn.

“In The Sweet By an By” by Loretta Lynn


A hymn that was prompted by a conversation between friends: Samuel Fillmore Bennett (1836-1898) and Joseph P. Webster (1819-1875). Webster was looking depressed so Bennett inquired what was wrong. He just waved off his friend’s concern and said, he will be fine soon.

His actual statement, “I will be all right by and by” lit a lightbulb in Bennett. The phrase “in the sweet by and by” came up and he thought that would make a good hymn. Unaffected by Webster’s indifference, Bennett scribbled some words then gave it to his friend. After reading, Webster took his violin and also wrote musical notes on it. In thirty minutes, the two friends could be heard singing sweetly “In the Sweet By and By.”


Like Bennett and Webster, we are encouraged in Philippians 4:4 to always rejoice in the Lord. (Note it says “always.”) Does that mean we are to feign optimism even though we are not feeling it? Of course not! Ecclesiastes 3:4 says there is also a time to weep. The point is, we do not have to stay downcast for long periods of time. We were given a prescription to cure our melancholia. That is through worship. And worship is often expressed in songs. You may already know this but just take my words as a reminder. Who knows, while you may be singing praises, a new song will also emerge; a sequel to the “Sweet By and By.”


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