July 22

Police Officer and Rodeo Clown Please the Crowd with Epic Dance-Off

What happens when a cop and a rodeo clown share the stage together? If you think such an uncanny will spell trouble, guess again!

During an event which was hosted by former-school-teacher-turned-well-known-rodeo-clown, JJ Harrison, things turned up a notch when Harrison invites an officer from the audience to join him in the arena. As he walked back and forth, JJ continues to go on and on about convincing the officer to join him.

Police Officer and Rodeo Clown Please the Crowd with Epic Dance-Off 1

“I got an idea!” he exclaims to the crowd, “We’re gonna have a dance-off. This should be a lot of fun, don’t ya think?” The crowd cheers excitedly and the rodeo clown continues, “How many of you in Spanish Fork wanna see Officer Adams get a little jiggy with it?”

As he raises both hands, the crowd cheers louder and claps, encouraging the officer to climb the stairs and go over to the other side of the fence. To which the officer obliged, showing off his athletic skills by effortlessly climbing the steel fence. JJ calls Queenie, Rodeo Queen to join them as well.

Then, Harrison challenges Officer Adams and Queenie to a dance-off. First to throw an epic dance move was Officer Adams—and boy did he show no restraint jiggling his hips in an energetic manner. Queenie was next but fails to wow JJ and the crowd. Finally, JJ choreographs them to pretend they were in an instructional video, with Adams’s roles as their dance teacher.

Before Officer Adams headed back to the stage, JJ expresses that Adams is his hero and commends him, along with all officers who always put their lives on the line for the safety of the people. It was a small, feel-good, friendly competition that showed police officers know how to let loose and have fun too!


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