June 13

Find Ease “In The Shelter of His Arms”, Says The Oak Ridge Boys

Before the Oakridge Boys found fame in converting into the country-pop, Songs of Inspiration amasses several of their early gospel songs. If you want to listen to an early Oak Ridge Boys’ gospel and country-gospel songs today, “In The Shelter Of His Arms” is a good place to start. Do not deal much about the mediocrity of sound quality. After all, when you sing praises to the Lord, the heart speaks.

Find Ease “In The Shelter of His Arms”, Says The Oak Ridge Boys 1

What Happens Each Day

There are storms that we all encounter
Do not fear they will do you no harm.

The world around is raging and is filled with many alarms. We encounter all types of storms. God did not say the road will always be easy. He never even promised that this life would not be hard. Some will us do us harm, some will not. Whatever the situation will be, we cannot say what happens and what does not. That is the very reason why God wants us to cling to and find shelter in His welcoming arms.

God is Saying…

In the Lord you will find protection,
In the shelter of His arms.

God wants us to trust Him and not be afraid. He is our for Strength and our Song.  If we let fear dispel our energy, we forget to admit He is there. Instead, let us devote our energy to trusting Him and singing His Songs. The battle for governance of our mind is severe, and years of concern have made us susceptible to storms and enemies. Therefore, we need to be watchful in guarding our thoughts. Do not hate these weaknesses, because those are what God has been using to draw us closer to Him. Our continuous need for Him forms a closeness that is well worth all the effort.

We are not alone in this struggle of our minds. His Spirit living within us is ever ready to help in this struggle.

Let us then ask Him to control our minds and He will bless us with Life and Peace. For, in the shelter of His arms will we be free.

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In The Shelter Of His Arms, The Oak Ridge Boys

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