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The Oak Ridge Boys Pay Tribute to Pres. George H. W. Bush

On November 30th, the United States of America bid goodbye to its 41st president – George H. W. Bush. At the age of 94, Bush passed away in his home in Houston. Emotions swarmed all over the country as everyone got hit by the news. Many extended their sincerest condolences and expressed their heartfelt tribute to the late president.

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President George H. W. Bush & A Little About Him

With all the emotions fleeing over the passing of Bush, many were still very grateful for the life he had. Bush lived a life of achievements. Before he became the 41st president, he served the country in the Army and was one those who fought during the World War II. In addition, he allotted plenty of time in the political field. He became a Congressman then Vice President and eventually, President. With his service in the U.S. Government, he had accomplished a lot, earning him awards from different organizations and award-giving bodies.

Bush was then laid to rest at his President Library in College Station in Texas. His memorial service took place at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church in Houston. The said church was where he and his late wife, Barbara, spent their lives worshipping.

As such, as his legacy will forever be remembered, his funeral was held on December 5th. Family, friends, special guests traveled to his home to give tribute and honor him as one of the fathers of America.

Among those who paid him tribute are country music artists like Reba McEntire and The Oak Ridge Boys. Moreover, these talents rendered a heart-wrenching performance at his funeral.

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The Oak Ridge Boys Perform for Pres. Bush

It is fully remembered that the Oak Ridge Boys and President Bush had a great friendship. In fact, the band was Bush’s favorite music group. In addition, he even asked them to sing “Amazing Grace” at his funeral if he dies. And in this case, everything has just happened.

The friendship of the late president and the band dates all the way back in the ‘80s. It was the time when they first met him at the White House. Bush was the Vice President at that time.

In an interview with The Tennessean, band member Duane Allen shared a bit of their story together.

“We were doing sound check and here came this long lanky guy with a bag over his shoulder running toward the stage from the White House. He said, ‘I’m a huge country music fan and you’re my favorite group. Is there any way you can do some songs for me?’”

That started the long-time friendship between the Oak Ridge Boys and President Bush. There’s a lot to be told, but the rest was history.

At the funeral, the band members were all present to pay their emotional tribute to their friend. Before they sang “Amazing Grace” as requested by Bush, they first shared a few words.

“For decades, we have sung for him. This is again, a real honor to be here. What a lot of people may not know, he fancied himself to be a good bass singer. He was not! (laughter fills the room) we’ll sing for our president.”

After those words, the band started to harmonize their version of “Amazing Grace.” It was tasty, rich in vocal colors and emotions. We surely bet that President George H. W. Bush would like it. Much more, he would definitely be proud of the boys!

Check out The Oak Ridge Boys as they honor President George H. W. Bush with “Amazing Grace:”


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