July 11

The Oak Ridge Boys Bring Light to All with “Brand New Star”

The Oak Ridge Boys Bring Light to All with "Brand New Star" 1
The Oak Ridge Boys | Photo credit: songtexte.com

The Oak Ridge Boys continue to defy old age. It’s been many decades since they started singing and they seem not to get tired of performing. As a matter of fact, the multi-Grammy award-winning band has just recently released a new album called 17th Avenue RevivalThis goes to show that they’ve no plan of retiring anytime soon. The said release comprised of nine tracks penned by several of Nashville’s notable songwriters and country singers as well. As the album ushers their return to their original music roots, all of its singles are gospel songs. Some of them were covers of popular Christian hymns such as I’d Rather Have Jesus” and Where He Leads Me I Will Follow.”

The song “Brand New Star” leads the band’s new album. It’s one of the original cuts included on the collection. Aaron Raitiere and Mando Saenz penned the lyrics that centered on death as its subject. Let’s render our ears to it first before discussing the song further.

The “Brand New Star” Song

As mentioned earlier, this song basically focused on the theme of death. Although the subject seems poignant, the song employs a delightful approach. The narrator recounts a loved one who had gone to the afterlife. That loved one becomes the “brand new star” exuding its glorious brightness throughout the world. This then somewhat brought serenity and gladness to the singer’s heart.

Although missing that someone is inevitable, the thought that this person is certainly alright and would no longer have to suffer in pain is calming to the soul. Apart from the brightness that comes from this brand new star, the narrator also requests for its love to radiate down. And each time he sees the sun shining, there’s a voice talking to him which seems to belong to this departed loved one.

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Brand New Star, The Oak Ridge Boys

  • I love it, Brand New Star. I lost my husband of 39 years and high school sweethearts on July 22,2017 and still struggling with it.This is first time I heard this song and I felt a kind of peace in my heart listening to it also because hearing your voices brought back so many memories early in marriage listening and dancing to the oak ridge boys…we loved your music and songs. When was this song released?

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