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Garth Brooks Through the Years: A Throwback at His Memorable Tours

All eyes are currently on Garth Brooks—the man hailed by Forbes magazine as 2017’s highest grossing country singer. Having earned a total of $60 million thanks to his record-breaking world tours, Brooks proves yet again just how much musical power he has packed in his guitar and his vocal chords.

While critics are attributing Brooks’ success to the overwhelming zeros added on his country singing paycheck, it’s not really all that plausible to simply be focused on the numbers alone. Brooks would not have made it through a successful series of his latest world tour had he not already built a solid musical image for years through his fans and his passion for singing.

From his very first series of concerts to his groundbreaking worldwide tour ‘The Garth Brooks World Tour With Trisha Yearwood, it’s been crystal clear that the famed American country singer-songwriter had evolved his craft tremendously while putting on a different image of country music performances in the process.
Starting from 1991, we took a trip down memory lane and listed some of Garth Brooks’ most unforgettable moments as he embarked on a melodic journey on stages worldwide.

1. Ropin’ the Wind (1991-1992)

Ropin’ the Wind was Brooks’ first concert tour and it was in support and promotion of his 1991 album. The country star visited various cities across the U.S. and made headlines with his jam-packed performances. On September 1991, his concerts in Dallas were taped and later on aired as the first of his many TV concert specials, This is Garth Brooks. The filmed concerts were broadcasted on NBC.

2. The Garth Brooks World Tour (1993-1994)

In 1993, Garth Brooks set foot for his first-ever tour that spanned on a global scale. It was the same year when he had just released another of his albums, In Pieces. With his starting point at his homeland, Brooks went on to perform next in Canada, England, Ireland, Germany, New Zealand, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

3. The Garth Brooks World Tour (1996-1998)

During his second world tour, Brooks was promoting his album Fresh Horses. About a year while he was on tour, he had also released another album titled Seven. This tour is by far the most memorable one in the list. It did not book as many countries as his previous tours did, but the demand for this concert exceeded everyone’s expectations. It broke several attendance records and even prompted many additional shows. Nearing the tour’s end, it was ranked as one of the highest-grossing concert tours of the decade. However, what made Brooks’ second world tour truly unforgettable was the fact that it marked the singer’s final concert prior to his retirement in 2001.

4. Garth Brooks’ Flood Relief Concerts (2010)

Taking place after the devastating 2010 Tennesse floods, Garth Brooks took to himself to perform in nine sold-out concerts at the Bridgestone Arena for the purpose of raising funds to provide support to the victims of the said calamity. 100% of the concerts’ ticket sales went straight to charity. The concert was originally scheduled to be one benefit concert, until fans demanded additional shows, leading to the charity event to sell over 140, 000 tickets. It was a near double of Michael Jackson’s unbroken ticket sales record of 72, 000 in Tennessee.

5. Oklahoma Twister Relief Concert 2013

After a tornado hit Brooks’ hometown in Oklahoma, he decided to hold a benefit concert with Toby Keith at the Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium. He did this in support of collecting relief funds for the damages and victims left by the tornado. Through the concert, they were able to raise a total of about $2 million.

6. Garth in Brazil (2015)

Garth Brooks proved to be a country singer with a true heart of gold. Aside from benefit concerts for calamity victims, he also went out of his way in between busy schedules and his third world tour to perform in a sold-out concert for the Hospital de Cancer de Barretos in Brazil.

7. The Garth Brooks World Tour with Trisha Yearwood (2014-2017)

His third world tour served as the official announcement of Man Against Machine, Brooks’ comeback album. Singing alongside his wife and fellow country singer, Trisha Yearwood, he was also performing in support of his new album, Gunslinger. It was sponsored by Amazon Music, even after speculations and rumors of canceled tours at Croke Park, Ireland, surfaced during the summer of his arranged comeback tour. As if to say that nothing had changed for his fans since his retirement, Garth was forced to add several shows in different cities due to the high demand he received for his concert’s tickets.

There you have it, the most memorable tours and astonishing proof that Garth Brooks’ talent, passion, and presence in the country music industry is undeniably well-treasured by all his fans worldwide.


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