Nothin’ On You” by Cody Johnson may just be the perfect song choice for those who can’t seem to find the words to say to their boyfriends or girlfriends.

The Awesome Feeling of Being In Love

Ah, the feeling of being in love!  Really, it is one of the best feelings we could get. When we find the right partner, that feeling of elation exponentially grows. It is always the best thing when we find that significant other that we really click with.

Please Help Me, I'm Falling, Hank Locklin


When that happens, we always feel at awe at the sight of them and it really makes us want to express it to them and just let them know. Often times, we find ourselves wondering just what to say to show our appreciation.

Should we go the sweet way? Be poetic? Be more straightforward? Yes, just finding the perfect words can sometimes be difficult . . . or we could just use Cody Johnson’s “Nothin’ On You.”

“Nothin’ On You” Leaves No Room for Subtlety

This song may not be to some people’s liking, though if they are out there, I haven’t met them yet. However, the lyrics of this song are both sweet and not at all subtle. I mean just take a look at these lyrics:

‘Cause when you got nothin’ on
There ain’t nothin’ wrong
Lovin’ you all night long’s all I wanna do

Admittedly, it may raise a few eyebrows but it doesn’t really exude lusty, trashy, or anything like that. If any, it is a more honest way of expressing love to a partner along with a healthy desire for them.

cody johnson, nothin' on you


This is the kind of passion that needs to remain for a relationship to keep going. Yes, it may seem embarrassing, but is it really? To me, it seems more romantic. The lyrics aren’t disrespectful and are done in good taste.

At the end of the day, this is a romantic song performed lovingly for a partner delivering honest, sweet words that help keep the relationship strong.