February 2, 2018

Don Williams Is “The King Of Concept Music Videos”

Don Williams Is "The King Of Concept Music Videos" 1

Don Williams garnered the title “The Gentle Giant”, because of his imposing build, soft-toned, warm, and reassuring voice. That can be justified with his tracks. But did you know that Don Williams was the very first country music artist to make a concept music video? With this, he is worthy, in the world of country, to be “The King of Concept Music Videos”. Another label that would commemorate his arts and music.

Concept Music Video…

A concept music video is, rather than featuring the band performing the song, is presented as a visual narrative. These can be original stories, homages to a favorite TV show or movie, or anything else the performer or director comes up with. The video can also directly relate to the story of a Concept Album.

The Concept…

Furthermore, the concept was produced in 1973 to support his third single “Come Early Morning”. Unfortunately, it didn’t push through. But in 1986, Williams starred in a music video for his single “Heartbeat In The Darkness”. The first and original conceptualized video in country music. In addition, the song was actually Williams seventeenth and final No.1 song on country charts.

Then in 1995, his music video “Fever” was released by American Harvest Recording Society.


Writer’s Point of View…

Since the lyrics of country songs, most of the time, are the realistic portrayal of life experiences then it’s equitable to lay it in a music video. Thanks to Don Williams who started it all. We have now music videos that, most of us, can relate to. I bet you agree, listening to an emotional song while watching the music video can enhance feelings and touch your hearts.

Other Conceptualized Music Videos…

Numerous country artists had begun making concept music videos since then. Concept Music Videos essentially add a spice to any or every country songs. It would make more appealing and more sentimental. A very good example would be “Whiskey Lullaby” by Brad Paisley and Alison Krauss, “Standing Outside The Fire” by Garth Brooks, “Does He Love You” by Reba McEntire and Linda Davis, and many more.

You may leave your comment below for other concept music videos that you think inspired you.

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