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Two Great Renditions of Dean Dillon’s Strongest Charting Hit

Two Great Renditions of Dean Dillon's Strongest Charting Hit 1
Dean Dillon, author and original performer of “Nobody in His Right Mind (Would’ve Left Her)” | Photo credit:

Dean Dillon is undeniably known for his exceptional songwriting skill. Throughout his career, he has written countless songs for various artists. Among them were George Jones, Barbara Mandrell, Jim Ed Brown, and most notably, George Strait. But in 1980, Dillon reached a career milestone not only as a songwriter but as a recording artist as well. At that time, he earned what is considered his strongest chart placement. Specifically, the record of his self-penned tune “Nobody in His Right Mind (Would’ve Left Her)” hit the chart’s 25th spot. No other single of Dillon had surpassed such chart performance among his seven other charting songs thus far.

Not long after, two great country artists made a cover of Dillon’ “Nobody in His Right Mind Would’ve Left Her.” One of them would soon record more of Dillon’s future compositions. Without reference to the covers’ commercial success, both renditions are as stunning as Dillon’s original version.

George Strait’s Cover

In 1986, The of King of Country George Strait finally had the chance to release his adaption of Dillon’s hit. But, Strait had already recorded an earlier cover only that it was never released. That’s for the reason that Dillon’s original record was hinting a potentially huge market at that time. It took five years to pass before Strait’s dream to release “Nobody in His Right Mind Would’ve Left Her” as a single would materialize. And his cover did not only surpass Dillon’s chart performance but even topped the chart. Hence, the song gave Straight his eighth No. 1 single on the chart in 1986.

Keith Whitley’s Version

Prior to Straight, another country star had recorded the song in the person of Keith Whitley. The later singer’s version came out in 1985, a year earlier than Straight’s. Whitley’s version appeared on his debut album L.A. to Miami. Unlike Dillon and Straight, his record did not achieve any commercial success. Despite such, given his reputation as one of country music’s great voices, Whitley’s rendition remained one-of-a-kind. For the record, the singer’s delivery came in the smoothest fashion. Listen to his recording below and you’ll certainly agree with what I’m saying.

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