May 11

“I Have No Loving Mother Now”: A Mother’s Day Special

i have no loving mother now the carter family

One of the most difficult jobs in the world is to be a mother, why? Well, you don’t just make sure that your kids are safe physically, you think about a good future for them and you need to protect them. Being a mother entails considering all aspects of the life of a child. From physical, emotional and mental. Being a mother is difficult in a way that it hurts when their family is in pain too. Therefore, we should not only celebrate mother’s day today but every day. We should be thankful for our beautiful mothers who sacrifice their hopes and their dreams for us.

We also must celebrate mother’s day by remembering our beloved mothers who passed away, because their love for us never left us, even if they are long gone. This too is for the people who lost their mothers along the way, we celebrate the love they have left us.

“I Have No Loving Mother Now”

“I Have No Loving Mother Now” is from the Carter Family album, which was a collection of their songs in 1995, On Border Radio Volume 1. The album contained 26 tracks.

The Song’s Content

The song is simple. With its repeated lyrics, you can feel the pain that the narrator of the song wants to express. This song is dedicated to people who lost their mothers yet still hopes to see them one more time to tell them how much they love them. This is also good for people who still have their mothers with them. This song will let them appreciate their mothers while they are still alive. The narrator also mentioned about not having a father in the song. Whether you lose your mother or your father… it’s painful. Furthermore, it’s a difficult thing to face, and only time can heal that pain. But, the memories will forever remain.

This is for all the mothers out there who are giving the best for their children. Happy Mother’s Day and thank you from Country Thang Daily!

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i have no loving mother now, mother's day, the carter family

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