November 29

When Nina Simone Prayed for a “Sinner Man” to Change

What is your experience with God? Have you ever felt a divine presence? – That God is guiding you every day? Or have you ever asked anything from God and it was given? Well, all of us have different experiences in term of our encounter with the Supreme Being. Thus, sometimes we ask for forgiveness, and enlightenment in everything we do. Now, let me wake up those sleeping faith with the legend Nina Simone.

The Story behind the Priestess

Every artist is different and so as their style in relaying the message of a song to their audience. She is a respected multi-talented singer, songwriter, and pianist. Even more, her stage presence and bearing earned her the title as the “Highest Priestess of Soul.” Anyhow, I’m taking about Nina Simone who rose to fame in the ’50s.

Nina Simone was a child of a preacher and she came from a poor family. Despite this, Simone showed an interest in music at an early age. Also, she started to play the piano when she was three years old. Pursuing her dream was not easy, but Simone made a way get in Juilliard School of Music in New York. After this, she wanted to advance her knowledge, so she applied for a scholarship at Curtis Institute of Music, but she got denied despite her outstanding audition. Thus, she concluded that her rejection was due to racial discrimination.

The Song that may Lead us Closer to God

“Sinner man” or “Sinnerman” was first recorded in the 1950s and it was popularized by Nina Simone in 1965 with an extended version. In addition, Simone added more flavor and soul to the masterpiece that’s why this version is the most popular.

On a critics perspective, the hit is about a sinner who is hiding from divine justice on Judgement day. Anyhow, if we will view it on a Christian perspective, it’s a plea of a man who is asking forgiveness and for him to be changed by God. Grace is always given to those who repent and asks for mercy.


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