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Ever Had “A Night to Remember” Similar to Joe Diffie’s?

Ever Had "A Night to Remember" Similar to Joe Diffie's? 1

The Song: In Brief

Released in March 1999, “A Night to Remember” is the first single and title track of American country music artist Joe Diffie’s album A Night to Remember. The wordings of the song came from Max T. Barnes and T.W. Hale. The single charted both on U.S. Billboard Hot Country Singles and Track chart and on the Billboard Hot 100 peaking at number 6 and 38, respectively. That chart performance made the track Diffie’s only hit the reached top 40. Its chart reign lasted for 29 weeks. Additionally, Billboard ranked it as number 18 most played song of 1999. What made the song thrive, according to the same site, was Diffie’s conveyance of “an element of hope among the ashes of a relationship”.

Few Thoughts About the Lyrics

A mid-tempo ballad, the song tells about the narrator’s portrayal of his night to remember. Being a lost lover, the man plans his night to remember in the dark house as seen in the music video. The man stated at the song’s opening that he’s been through a tough week. Despite his desperate situation, the man was inspired to make something for the night that he would remember all his life.

From the second stanza, we can see the man’s sentiment over his woman whom he described as someone “so hard to lose”. For that reason, he felt the urge to do a recollection of her. Also, the man had to set aside first his dislike for dramatic scenes for the sake of his planned night to remember. If he felt like he’s not strong enough to endure the pain, there’s a sweet escape he could surrender himself to.

Additional Trivia

The song had a parody entitled “A Night I Can’t Remember”. The country music parodist Cledus T. Judd made it for his album Just Another Day In Parodies.

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