June 22

This Rimes and Nicks Duo Break Is Definitely Not “Borrowed”

Lately, LeAnn Rimes has been showing peeks of her upcoming “Re-imagined” album to her fans, it’s a collection stroking unique new spins on some of her best-loved songs. A day before the album’s release, the country-pop artist spoils us with another surprise song from the collection. Before the actual song’s release, Rimes created quite a stir where many fans wrecked their brains for any clue they could find as to who her secret duet partner was. Many thought it would be a reimagined version of a duet she had already recorded, but to everyone’s wonder, it was a whole new duet. The song, “Borrowed”, is a favorite of Stevie Nicks, so she asked her to sing a brand new duet of it with her. Nicks knew she had to record it when the opportunity came.

This Rimes and Nicks Duo Break Is Definitely Not “Borrowed” 1

“Borrowed”, Song Facts

LeAnn Rimes penned “Borrowed” together with Darrell Brown and Dan Wilson. In the new album, it was produced by Rimes, Brown, and Nicks with famed guitarist, Waddy Wachtel. This reworked version of “Borrowed” finds Rimes and Nicks sharing melody and accord. They instilled emotive depth in the song, yet never overshadowing each other. The result is a poignant country ballad with just a touch of impressive pop-rock tune. Singing on “Borrowed”, Stevie Nicks’ remarkable voice is as prominent as Rimes’ smooth tones. Both singers breathed new life into this undervalued track from five years ago.

Rimes and Nicks’ Friendship

Stevie Nicks worked as a solo artist and as a member of Fleetwood Mac. Rimes said that Nicks influenced her for decades. So, when the opportunity knocked, Nicks never hesitated to join her on an updated rendition of “Borrowed”. The song was originally featured on Rimes’ brilliant, yet underappreciated, Spitfire. Nicks denotes the “How Do I Live” singer as the best she had ever sung with. Nicks says of Rimes as a singer,

“You can’t compete with her; you can only keep up with her. To sing with her is to be blessed. She teaches you and takes you along for the ride. She takes you on her journey and you arrive a much better singer.”

Now that Nicks’ intention with Rimes has been achieved, we can appreciate a heartwarming country song. In addition to a genuine rock superstar involved. This will surely lift the stage.

The Re-Imagined EP also features newly crafted versions of such Rimes hits as Blue,” “How Do I Live” and Can’t Fight the Moonlight“.


Borrowed, LeAnn Rimes

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