June 8, 2018

“Next in Line”: Conway Twitty’s No. 1 Heartbreaking Song

conway twitty next in line

It is difficult to love someone who is in love with somebody else. Watching them hurting or happy with that person is heartbreaking, but you cannot do anything about it. Conway Twitty’s song “Next in Line” is the song that will best describe that situation.

“Next in Line” Chart Performance

Conway Twitty’s second No. 1 song on the US Billboard Hot Country Song charts was “Next in Line.” “Next in Line” was written by Wayne Kemp and Curtis Wayne and released by Twitty in 1968. His song was also one of the tracks from his same-titled album. Moreover, his album Next in Line made it to the No. 9 of the US Billboard Top Country Album chart in 1968.

The Song’s Meaning

Being with someone you love and telling them that you love them is one of the best feelings in the world. But, what if you are with someone who loves somebody else, what will you do? Will you gather all the courage you have and tell them you love them? Or will you just sit quietly and watch them be taken away from you?

“Next in Line” by Conway Twitty is about a man who watches the woman he loves suffer from her current lover. He knew her well, from her favorite song to what makes her happy. However, her heart belongs to a man who never appreciates her. It may seem martyr for the part of the narrator because even if he knew that her heart belongs to somebody else, he always tries to make her happy. There is nothing wrong with waiting for someone, but you still have to give it a try. You’ll never know if that person will also reciprocate the feeling you have for them.

Here’s a song for everyone out there who love someone but will never be theirs. “Next in Line” by the astonishing Conway Twitty.

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conway twitty, next in line

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