August 24, 2018

Sing about the New Life with these Two Pillars of Sacred Music

Ford & Cash at their best
Ford & Cash at their best

Cash opened with a brief word of his childhood memories listening to gospel songs. Among his early exposures were the singing done by his mama, his brother, and Tennessee Ernie Ford. Ford stood next to Cash and recounted how his TV network was initially skeptic about his gospel numbers to close the show. But to their surprise, Ford’s gospel singing didn’t pull the ratings down. In fact, the numbers spiked up.

The men were then joined by June Carter-Cash, The Carter Family, and The Statler Brothers in performing this early 1940s hymn.

I’ll Have a New Life – Johnny Cash, Tennessee Ernie Ford, and June Carter-Cash

Comforting and enlightening!

These three musical legends became successful in their own right and have remained on top without compromising their values. Had they listened to the opinions of others instead of standing for what they knew was right, they might have missed out on God’s blessings in their latter days.

Bits About the Hymn

1940s Hymnist, Luther Presley
1940s Hymnist, Luther Presley

Penned by Luther G. Presley who also wrote the classic hymn When the Saints Go Marching In. In 1942, Stamps-Baxter Music and Printing Co. published I’ll Have a New Life. The theme dwells on the renewed power that each believer would have with their new lives in eternity.

The hymn had a modest reception from the masses and remained to be recognized in the 50s. It dissipated the following decades but again brought to the limelight by Southern Gospel duo Bill and Gloria Gaither for their 2006 album, Revival.

Other notable renditions were done by Hank Williams and the Southern Raised.

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Johnny Cash, June Carter, Tennessee Ernie Ford, the carter family, The Statler Brothers

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