Given to us by the Cody Johnson Band, “Never Go Home Again” serves as one of the most perfect country outlaw ballads.

“Never Go Home Again” May Not be Mainstream but it is Definitely Worth Listening to

If y’all ever need to find some real, gritty and true to the core country outlaw music, then look no further than “Never Go Home Again”  to bring out that country outlaw feels.

never go home again

via Cody Johnson’s Facebook page

With all the “mainstream” country music being constantly played on the air waves today, it is often difficult to find other kinds of country music. Almost all the time, the same songs are played over and over again.

Now there is nothing wrong with liking these songs, however, they aren’t the only songs available on the market. We have songs like “Never Go Home Again” by Cody Johnson that don’t really get a lot of exposure even when it was released back in 2014.

This is such a shame because the song never became “mainstream;” it failed to reach a larger audience and many missed out on an awesome contemporary country outlaw song.

The song itself talks about a person who can’t really return home anymore because of how his life has progressed. He started out in a simple Christian home but he and his family were soon kicked out by the bank and left them in great debt. The man then goes on to rob banks as a way to make ends meet.

All the while, the man is asking forgiveness to the Lord and acknowledges that he did wrong. Along with that, he reminisces about their old home.

The song is also great for guitar players. The chords, tones and everything about the song just make you want to play and sing along with it.

So if y’all haven’t already, then check out “Never Go Home Again” as it is definitely worth adding to our country playlists.