December 8

That Never Fading Amazing Grace? Young Gospel Singer Sang it in China

That Never Fading Amazing Grace? Young Gospel Singer Sang it in China 1
Remember Rhema Marvanne? She was the child wonder whose rendition of “Amazing Grace” went viral. From the time her music video was published online, Rhema has had a ton of following. (And we are all wondering where she could have gone now.) Well, she is still young and could be busy with studies and all. She is either 14 or 15 years old by now. Let us just cover her in prayers that things will go well with her. Let us hope that with her dad and other godly mentors surrounding her, she will grow up uncorrupted. And if the Lord has not yet returned, then she could pursue her dream of becoming a famous singer once she is grown up. (That one she has already achieved but you know what I mean.)

Tangent aside, here is a clip from her YouTube channel that is worth celebrating. We do not how but she was allowed to sing a gospel song on a national TV in China! A big deal, yes, because communist Chinese are notorious for persecuting Christians caught evangelizing or gathering in their country. Guess we have all heard of their underground churches right? Christians there had to be extremely careful and were subtle in their communication related to faith.

Yet what do we have here? God has used our anointed young singer to publicly declare his amazing grace! (We all know the song’s content. Christian or not, anyone heard singing that is sure to be at odds with the extremists.) Not so with Rhema. We could say she was a Godsend to that nation. Dressed in white, our little angel had once again captivated millions of listeners. This time, in a country that had its doors closed for anything “Christian.” He is calling the nation of China to respond.

Rhema Marvanne Sings “Amazing Grace” in China



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