November 10

Nervous Mongolian Sings George Strait’s Amarillo by Morning

George Strait, one of country music’s icons, was able to make his music connect with fans all across the world. During last year’s audition for Mongolia’s Got Talent, contestant O. Enkh-Erdene blew away the crowd with one of Strait’s songs. His surprisingly on-point rendition of George’s hit track “Amarillo by Morning” wowed everyone. Once he set foot on stage, Enkh-Erdene channeled his inner Texan and left both the judges and audience in awe.

In the recent months, we have shared some incredible stories about singers with astonishing voices. To name, there were the soldiers who perfectly pinned a cover of “Seven Spanish Angels”. Then, there was the man from Louisiana who surprised the crowd by singing Josh Turner song “Your Man”. But more surprisingly, the singer in the video below might have the most unexpected voice of all!

The singer is Enkh-Erdene Otgonbat, a Mongolian college student. When he sang his audition piece “Amarillo by Morning”, it was his first to perform in a show. Because of his passion for singing, he undeniably explained that he wanted to compete in Mongolia’s Got Talent. From there, he wanted to pursue his dreams. At first, his parents were not supportive of him being a singer. However, they had a change of heart and he decided to go for it and audition.

“If you can enjoy what you’re doing, that’s the greatest profession”, he says, “regardless of your occupation”.

Enjoying singing is not enough. To make it to a show like Mongolia’s Got Talent, you have to prove you have certainly got it. During his interviews, there were moments when he was restless from nervousness. But once the young singer hit the note, he absolutely proved he had what it takes.

Enkh-Erdene covered an unlikely song, yet he totally nailed it. It looked like the song was dubbed, but it was not. That was his real voice.



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