July 24

Willie Nelson’s New Album “My Way:” A Tribute to Frank Sinatra

Willie Nelson's New Album "My Way:" A Tribute to Frank Sinatra 1
Willie Nelson (image from Youtube)

Back on the road

Willie Nelson has been cancelling some of his shows earlier this year due to illness, but here’s a good news: The Red Headed Stranger is back on the road again with his new album “My Way.” At the age of 85, Nelson is not letting any grass grow under him. He remains a top concert attraction and a high-volume recording artist. He recently announced the release of his second album this year on September 14.

My Way: A package deal album

“My Way” is personally special for Willie because it’s an 11-track album that pays homage to Frank Sinatra. Produced by Buddy Cannon and Matt Rollings, this album finds Nelson swaying through a set of standards and classics made famous by Sinatra. The lush strings and horn arrangements combine with Nelson’s exquisite interpreting techniques, making the album a package deal. Nelson finds an avenue to illustrate the lessons unique phrasing schemes he learned from Sinatra.

According to reports, the two musical pioneers were close friends back then. They both admired each other’s works. In fact, Sinatra opened for Nelson when the latter played the Golden Nugget casino in Las Vegas, back in 1987. They also appeared together in a public service announcement for NASA in the 1980’s. Also, Nelson was among the artists featured on Sinatra’s Duets and Duets II.

Willie Nelson's New Album "My Way:" A Tribute to Frank Sinatra 2
Willie Nelson and Frank Sinatra attend for NASA in the 1980’s (image from spacefoundation.org)

Summer Wind: The First Released Single

Following Nelson’s announcement of his new album, he released the first single, “Summer Wind.” The track was originally written in German, and later on translated and first recorded by Wayne Newton, and Perry Como. Sinatra’s cover was the first to find great success in 1966. It landed a spot on the Billboard’s Hot 100 and peaked at the top place on the Easy Listening Chart.

I guess you are ready to hear from Willie Nelson, so here’s the first release single from his newest album “My Way.”

For those who are eager to hear more from the Red Headed Stranger’s new album, here’s the tracklist:

  1. “Fly Me to the Moon”
  2. “Summer Wind”
  3. “One for My Baby (and One More for the Road)”
  4. “A Foggy Day”
  5. “It Was a Very Good Year”
  6. “Blue Moon”
  7. “I’ll Be Around”
  8. “Night and Day”
  9. “What Is This Thing Called Love” (with Norah Jones)
  10. “Young at Heart”
  11. “My Way”

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