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Is Nelson the LAST MAN STANDING in the World of Real Country?

Is Nelson the LAST MAN STANDING in the World of Real Country? 1
Willie Nelson, Last Man Standing (image from http://cdn.shopify.com)

Willie Nelson remains spiky and productive on his 85th year of existence.  His latest released studio album, “Last Man Standing” continues to inspire and move listeners with its theme of mortality, life lessons, and relationships. The music ranges from meditative to irreverent, but in the end, it makes you contemplate on the way how you handle your life. The album was released on April this year.

“Last Man Standing” ranges in a style from Western Swing to pensive ballads. It also includes Nelson’s past recordings and touring bands in the studio. You can also watch Alison Krauss kicking up dust on fiddle. The best feature of the album is the showcase of utterly lucid, jazz-influenced singing. The album is full of both lively beauty and hard truth, and at the same time offers grace notes.

Nelson partnered with Buddy Cannon in penning the songs. Since they first connected in 2008, the two have been regularly writing and recording songs more than they have ever released.

Is Nelson the LAST MAN STANDING in the World of Real Country? 2
Willie Nelson (image from Youtube)

The title track, “Last Man Standing”

The song is a cynical reduction to an overriding truth that accompanies Willie Nelson and his music every step at this age of his life. He remains to be America’s most active and creative artist, and he is still unstoppable.

“Life goes on, and when it’s gone it lives in someone new.”

This line from the album’s top track is the hard-worn line. It’s both transcendent and down-to-earth truth. We all live until we die, and between this processes, we go through loving and harsh realities that molds us into a different person, depending on how we deal with things.

The flow of music works in an entirely different mood and direction. Nelson says he doesn’t want to be the last survivor among his allies but then thinks twice. He states he’s not in a hurry, and he’s well occupied with the here and now.

“Go on in front if you’re in such a hurry, like Heaven ain’t waitin’ for you.”

While you are listening to the song, you might find yourself tapping your foot along the beat. Enjoy!

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Last Man Standing, Willie Nelson

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