December 26

Willie Nelson on his Emotional Performance of “Just As I Am”

All of us have our own burdens. Some of these would be financial problems, health, and social issues. The burden will always be there, sometimes to test our faith or to test how strong we are. All we need to do is to always look at the positive side of it. Burdens are there to mold us and to help us become a better person. Anyhow, if you cannot carry your burden alone, then call unto the Lord. He will always be there to help lighten the load that you are carrying. As long as your heart is pure when you go to Him, then definitely He will help you in no time. Remember, God doesn’t look at your physical appearance, but the purity of your heart. Listen to the version of Willie Nelson’s “Just As I Am” for you to understand what I’m talkin’ about.

Man with the Blues

He is considered as one of the figures in outlaw music. Further, this artist is also hailed because of his acting career. In fact, he acted in over 30 films. He is also an activist, poet, and an author. Also, this singer has became a member of the Grand Ole Opry in 1965. I hope you haven’t forgotten the man behind the hits “On the Road Again,” and “To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before.” Guess what? I’m referring to the talented Willie Nelson.

Willie Nelson on his Emotional Performance of “Just As I Am” 1
Photo Credits: Willie Nelson/Official Home Page

 O Lamb of God, I Come!

This hit was included in the 1975 album of Willie Nelson entitled “Red Headed Stranger.” In addition, the song was written in 1835 but it was published in 1849. Then, it became one of the favorite altar call songs. Well, I hope you know the hit “Just As I am” which is one of the most favorite hymns in churches nowadays.

In closing, the song talks about facing the Lord just who you are, with a pure heart. It also teaches us to give all our burdens to Him if we can no longer carry our load.


Grand Ole Opry, Just As I Am, on the road again, Willie Nelson

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