September 8

Friday Flashback: The Fun & Riveting Willie Nelson-Julio Iglesias Duet

In the span of his successful musical career, Willie Nelson has teamed up with a variety of his fellow country artists, be they legends like him or aspiring newcomers. In all of his shows, Nelson has consistently delivered breathtaking performances and never failed to match the energy of whoever artist he shared the stage with.

In fact, on one occasion, he was able to blend in perfectly with the dashing Spanish crooner and songwriter, Julio Iglesias.

Back in the 1980’s, the unlikely duet took place thanks to Willie’s witty and unpredictable collaboration choices. However, despite the seeming randomness of Nelson’s choices, it turns out that the country singer is simply following his strong and probably always right musical intuition. Prior to the memorable and groundbreaking Country-Latin Pop mash-up, Nelson was on a trip overseas. He was traveling in London when he turned the radio on and was introduced to Julio Iglesias’ beautiful, distinct, and romantically-charged singing voice.

Iglesias was born and raised in Madrid, Spain. Since his breakout in the music scene in 1968, he has gained much positive attention from fans and critics until he became one of the most famous and world-renowned artists during his time.

Later during that day, Nelson began sharing his experience with his audience before he performed. The brief musical moment he shared with Iglesias over the radio made the country legend realize that he knew he had to share the stage and perform with the renowned Spanish musician.

And the duet became a dream come true.

Nelson and Iglesias recorded the song To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before, leading to the convergence of two different fanbases and a rise to the number one spot of the Country Music Charts in 1984. It dominated charts in Australia, Canada, the US, as well as in several countries in Europe. The success of Nelson and Iglesias’ collaboration earned them multiple awards, including Country Music Association’s Duo of the Year award and Academy of Country Music’s Singer of the Year.



Julio Iglesias, To All the Girls I've Loved Before, Willie Nelson

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