“Need You Now” by Lady Antebellum is definitely one of modern country music’s better love songs that keeps the traditional country tunes alive.

need you now, lady antebellum

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I am willing to bet that if anybody who isn’t a fan of country music would listen to this they would probably be more inclined to explore more of country music. Certainly, if any of y’all want to introduce country music to non-country fans, this song should be one of those that you should showcase or any other by Lady Antebellum.

Other than the wonderful tunes that don’t stray too far from the traditional country sounds, the song’s lyrics also tell a tale of a failed love that easily could have been fixed had both parties just tried to work on it together.

Reflecting With The Song “Need You Now”

Love is a many splendored thing and as beautiful as it is, for that splendor to remain, it needs to be worked on and maintained.

Lady Antebellum’s modern classic “Need You Now” is not just a song about longing for a partner, it is also a form of hindsight for us. The beauty of the song is that it isn’t one-sided, it isn’t just focusing on one viewpoint. Instead, the song shows off both sides and their sentiments.

The song shows the contemplation of both the man and the woman and whether or not they are even thinking about the other. Along with that, the confession of both actually needing each other.

Please Help Me, I'm Falling, Hank Locklin

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That’s the point, in a relationship, both parties need each other. It is, and has always been, a give and take kind of connection. One cannot be the sole carrier of the relationship, so the point of the song is to ensure that both parties need to work together.

Love needs both parties, so as we chill out and listen to this song; let’s also reflect on our current relationship. Here’s to you, and the hope that you never have to sing this song in contemplation.

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