August 23

Nashville Star Clare Bowen Performs at the Grand Ole Opry

Clare Bowen, 33,  is the Australia-born actress and singer who is the star of the hit US drama Nashville. She rocked quirky feathers in her hair as she joined co-star Charles Esten on stage at the country music Mecca the Grand Ole Opry on Sunday.

Bowen and Esten appeared as the part of the iconic venue’s Total Eclipse 2017 Special Sunday Night Show.

Clare stunned going barefoot in the plum gig as she was dressed in a layered white frock, complete with embroidered embellishments which highlighted her svelte form.

Nashville Star Clare Bowen Performs at the Grand Ole Opry 1

An array of feathers in her blonde locks, Clare added an element of quirkiness to her ensemble.

As she took to the stage, Clare looked to be in a playful mood. Offering the audience an exaggerated strut with her guitar held in front of her as she made her way to her co-star.

She gave the crowd a surprised look as she handed her co-star the guitar. Clare appeared to be enjoying some playful banter with Charles.

When it came down to the actual business of performing Clare was the consummate professional, with emotions written all over her face as she belted out a tune with Charles.

As she sang, Clare looked to the heavens as Charles strummed chords on his guitar.

With Charles wrapping his arms around the petite star, it appeared that the performance went off without a hitch.

Given just two weeks to live when she was diagnosed with cancer as a four-year-old Clare said to the publication “I was given two weeks to live when I was diagnosed and so was my brother can you believe that?”

Sadly, Clare was diagnosed with cancer of the kidneys when she was only four years old.

She is engaged with her longtime beau Brandon Robert Young. This happened too at Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry, a legendary music venue that has seen the biggest stars in country music history take the stage. Clare announced in January that they’ve begun planning two weddings, one in Australia and on in the US.

“I never wanted to get married before I met Brandon… It was not one of my life goals, but he ruined everything in that department,” she gushed over her fiance.

Well, all we can say is that we’re happy for you Clare, and we wish you nothing but the best.

Enjoy Clare’s performance here.


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