December 19

Naomi Judd, #MeToo Movement and “Silence Breakers”

Time Magazine recently revealed its list of recipients for its award, Person of the Year for 2017: the Silence Breakers. This year, Time honors the people who have chosen to step into the limelight to share their own experiences on sexual harassment, abuse, and/or assault. Naomi Judd’s daughter, Ashley Judd, was among those profiled to be among this year’s “Silence Breakers”. It can be recalled that Ashley was the first one to publicly identify Harvey Weinstein as the person responsible for sexually harassing her. As a result, Ashley’s bravery spurred a movement called #MeToo.

In response to her daughter being listed as one of Time’s Silence Breakers, Naomi Judd expressed her support to all the women who have suffered from sexual abuse.

Children and teens need mentors in this world to guide them through what’s right and what’s wrong. It’s about TIME.”

She disclosed her own #MeToo moment while citing the need for everyone, not just women, to have positive mentors. These positive mentors should serve as the guide to help guarantee and show people that any form of sexual harassment or abuse should not be tolerated.

Every girl needs a mentor. Someone who believes in them. I wish I’d had one.” Naomi began to open up. She got pregnant at the early age of 17, and she was just about to enter her senior year in high school. She also recalled how at 22 years old, she was struggling so much while living in Los Angeles. She lacked the skills that would make her land a decent job, she did not own a car of her own and to top it off, Naomi was also in the midst of raising her two daughters, Wynonna and Ashley. When she did get a minimum wage job as an insurance agency receptionist, she eventually got fired after she turned down her boss’ offer to go with him for a golf tournament outside town. “As I was staring at the family photos on his desk, I told him ‘no’.”

As if to prolong Naomi’s agony, she was unable to pay rent for a month and got raped and physically abused by an ex-con who also happened to be under the influence of heroin. But through all the suffering and challenges, she chose to never give up and always made sure she gave her daughters the right kind of encouragement to let them aspire and reach for their dreams.

Naomi also shared that Ashley’s dad was worried about her decision to go public, knowing that Harvey is one of the most influential people in Hollywood. Thankfully, she gave her daughter just the right push, and told her, “Doing the right thing is always the right thing to do. Go get ‘em.”

For Naomi, the #MeToo movement is all about making every guy and girl realize that a life where there is no sexual harassment or abuse, and where they have the freedom to make their dreams come true is possible.


Ashley Judd, Naomi Judd, Silence Breakers

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