“Don’t stigmatize people,” Naomi Judd opens as she further addresses a current issue of stigma on people living with mental illness.

Naomi Judd on Mental Illness


Depression, Naomi Judd

It was December of last year when Naomi Judd finally opened about her continuous battle with depression. The country songstress admitted on her interview on Good Morning America that she was clinically diagnosed with severe depression and spent time in psychiatric hospitals.

Judd also revealed that she is confronting the issues that she was previously shutting down such as a sexual abuse made by a relative when she was 3.

Her music partner and daughter, Wynonna Judd also became estranged with the “Love Can Build a Bridge” singer according to Naomi as she chronicles her experience of secretly dealing with the illness.

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Child Mind Institute, Message

Naomi Judd discussed on the video:

“You’re going to lose your ability, your chance to get to know them as a real human being,” she says, adding later in the video that “if each one of us practiced being more kind, we could all literally change the world.”

“I’ve learned through my dark days and my journey that depression is a disease of the brain. Just like heart disease is a disease of the heart, or hepatitis is a disease of the liver,”

“With depression, it is partly genetic, partially environment and circumstances, and then choices. I’ve learned I have to take my medication, do my therapies and be constantly vigilant about my moods.”

This video was released by Child Mind Institute also features other prominent stars such as Emma Stone, Michael Phelps and Lena Dunham. The organization’s goal is to  inspire other people especially children who undergoes the same clinical illness every day. Like Judd’s video, it also delivers accurate mental illness information as well as ways people could appropriately deal with the said illness.

Watch the whole video here: