May 28

A Memorial Day Special: “More than a Name on the Wall”


statler brothers More than a Name on the Wall

Today, we remember the soldiers who risked their lives to fight for the freedom of our country. We raise our flag to them and honor them. Without our brave soldiers, we won’t be able to taste freedom as we do today.

“More than a Name on the Wall” and The Statler Brothers

In line with this day, as we remember our brave soldiers, let us listen to the Statler Brothers song “More than a Name on the Wall.” The song was written to honor the soldiers who fought during the Vietnam War. The war took more than 50,000 lives. “More than a Name on the Wall” was written by Jimmy Fortune and John Rimel. The single was included on their album Greatest Hits. Due to its popularity, their single entered the US Billboard Hot Country Songs Chart at No. 6 in 1989. The song was released one month before the celebration of Memorial Day.

 “More than a Name on the Wall” is a combination of gospel and patriotic country music. Since the Statler Brothers are best-known for their gospel songs they never stray far away from it. The Statler Brothers are comprised of Don Reid, Harold Reid, Phil Balsley, Lew DeWitt, Jimmy Fortune, and Joe McDorman. They began their career in 1955 and retired in 2002.

The Song’s Content

“More than a Name on the Wall” is a song about a mother who remembers her son as he fought during the Vietnam War. She looks at her son’s name written on the Vietnam Wall (A wall where all soldiers’ names who died were written). She prayed to the Lord that her son is more than just a name written on the wall. He is a hero who served and sacrificed his life for his country.

To all our soldiers who laid down their lives, we honor you today and every day. You are all more than a name written on the wall, you are all heroes and without you, we will not be here.

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