August 30

Miranda Lambert Teams Up with Muttnation to Aid Hurricane Victims

Houston, Texas—Shortly after the devastating hurricane destroyed homes and stole many lives in Texas, overwhelming support from various organizations, anonymous individuals, and celebrities came rushing to the victims and survivors of the storm. Uniting the country once again in their thoughts and prayers, the efforts of concerned citizens left and right sparked a ray of hope for everyone.

Muttnation, Miranda Lambert’s charity foundation for animals, will also be providing assistance to the victims. Muttnation announced on their Official Facebook page,

Our team is headed South! It was important to our AMAZING founder, Miranda Lambert that we do our part for her home state! We are headed to Houston to give relief to municipal shelters. We will help transport any animals currently in shelters so that there is room for displaced animals from Hurricane Harvey! Plus any other support we can offer!!! You can help support our efforts by donating at! Friends, please pray for Texas!

Like the people who were badly injured and forced out of their homes due to the extremely bad weather, pets and animals across the state were also among those gravely inconvenienced by Harvey. For instance, cattle in Dayton Texas needed help being transferred to higher ground for their safety. Thankfully, the Dayton Police when out of their way to ensure these farm animals were moved to more secure grounds.

Even in shelters, pets have either been misplaced, gone missing, or are running out of space to thrive in due to the sudden increase in the number of lost pets being brought in. A crowded shelter is not an ideal and healthy place for animals to recover from the lack of space can potentially breed the spread of sickness and bacteria among our poor furry friends. It can also lead to more stress and added trauma for those who witnessed how the terrible hurricane lashed out on their homes and families.

Miranda Lambert established MuttNation Foundation in 2009 due to her immense love for animals. She has been an active volunteer in various local shelters, where she adopted her first pup, Delilah. One of their recent projects is a collaboration with Rescue Rebuild & Greater Good. Their project is to build a new adoption center, a forever home for dogs in Lindale, Texas.



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