June 21

Music Video ‘Speak to a Girl’ Heats Up to Climb The Charts

Music Video ‘Speak to a Girl’ Heats Up to Climb The Charts 1

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The Music Video

“Speak to a Girl” music video by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s recent single is out. It currently has 12.3 million views on Youtube. This song was written by Shy Carter, Dave Gibson and Joe Spargur. The track was was released on March 23, 2017, as the first single from their upcoming duets album.

The couple first performed the song live for at the Academy of Country Music Awards held April 7, 2017. This song is also featured in the couple’s Soul2Soul: The World Tour set list.

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The music video shows the powerful connection between Tim McGraw and Faith Hill in their duet. The couple gives off a hot interaction throughout the music video and song. This is just one of the many duets taken from more upcoming albums.  Well, that is definitely something to be excited about! As of May 2017, the song has sold 148,000 copies in the United States.

“Speak to a Girl” gave McGraw and Hill their highest Billboard Country Airplay chart debut as a duo. Following its release, it debuted at No. 19 on that chart, and landed at No. 33 on Billboard‘s Hot Country Songs chart.

The song is about the proper way a man should speak to a woman. It is very timely in today’s societal issues on name-calling and hostility.

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Tim and Faith on their Song

While Hill says that she connected to “Speak to a Girl,” “lyrically, melodically, everything.” McGraw connected with it in a man’s perspective.

Tim says, “It’s important that young women hear that message from the men in their lives and from the other women in their lives. It’s important that the young men hear this message so they know how to speak to a girl.”

“It’s one of our favorite songs that we’ve ever done,” Tim says in an interview. “It’s just a really special, special song. I think it says so much. When songs can be timely and really move you and really have a message, then you know that you have something special. I think that this song really is a special song. It’s special for us, having three daughters—me being a husband and Faith being a mom of three daughters and growing up in a world of all women like I did, I think it’s just a really special song.”

In early January, they were chosen to grace a Country Music Hall of Fame exhibit in November. Hill and McGraw are on the road for their 2017 Soul2Soul Tour from April to October. McGraw and Hill have separate deals with Sony in mid-February and will release a collaborative album later this year.

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